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High Power Handheld Signal Jammer

Model NO.: HS-P8J

Export Markets: Global

Trademark: HiSea

Origin: Vecano Electronics Co., Ltd.

description: Police, Bomb disposal squads, VIP protection, Special Police (S.W.A.T), military security forces, bomb squads, anti-terror units, anti-drug units, Border control units, checkpoint personnel, Meeting room, Hospitals, Banks, Church, Conference Rooms, Classrooms and so on, such types of law enforcement personnel who benefit greatly from the deployment of any state in the art portable RF jamming solutions, who can conduct the law enforcement process more effectively to reduce the chance that the criminals leak the information.


Technical Specification:

CDMA800: 869-894MHz

GSM900: 935-960MHz

DCS1800: 1805-1880Mhz

WCDMA: 2110-2170MHz

LTE4G,2300: 2300-2400MHz


WiFi 2.4G / Bluetooth | or WiFi 5.8G or WiFi 5.2G

GPS L1: 157542MHz

5G optional 

@8 antennas

Above frequency just example, frequency, band can be adjusted according to you needs.

Size:156*83*48mm (not include antenna), 

Net weight with antennas:0.8Kg

Built-in Battery:8000mAh,

Total Power Consumption: Approx.30W


Nylon Cover, Antenna, AC Power Adapter. DC12V Car Charger


Features and Advantages Of HS-P8J: 

⚫ Inside cooling fans and big heat sink design ensure the device to work  continuously.  

⚫ With internal rechargeable battery. Simple to be replaced. 

⚫ With a display to show the battery status. 

⚫ With longer 2.5dbi gains omni antennas, 

⚫ High-power Multi-band Handheld jammer. 

⚫ It can keep working while charging. 

⚫ It can last around 2.5 hours after fully charged. 

⚫ Configured to block 8 different frequency bands continuously or  simultaneously. Separate switch for each band with a working LED. 

⚫ Could be used in car directly, with car charger and AC charger 

⚫ Total RF output power is up to 5.6 watt.



⚫ Be sure to connect all the antennae before the power supply is switch on.

⚫ Try to recharge the device only once battery is run-out when you get the device in the first time.

⚫ With the increase of charging electricity, charging indication light from Red to Green is fully charged.

⚫ Don't put the jammer into the water or fire to avoid using in the bad Condition like over-wet, over-hot, high voltage and high magnetism.

⚫ Any sealed mark on the machine tore is invalid.

⚫ Antennae shall be put vertical to the ground to get more efficient jamming performance.

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