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High Power Full Band Signal Jammer 5G

Model NO.: HS-S90J

Export Markets: Global

Trademark: HiSea

Origin: Vecano Electronics Co., Ltd.

description: HS-S90J is a portable jammer model.Protect your whereabouts, privacy and confidential information.


Technical Specification:

GSM800 / GSM1900, GSM900 / GSM1800

CDMA850, 3G

4G LTE, 4G WiMax

GPS L1, L2 and L5 bands, GLONASS

WiFi 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz, Bluetooth, WiMax.

5G optional


@10 Antennas, Omnidirectional antennas 

Frequency, band can be adjusted according to you needs

Power source: Battery and power adaptors,

Battery working time: 2 hours.

Special Feature:

1. Low power consumption. Can work 2 hours 

2. Effectively making subsections. Just interfering downlink and no interception on the base station. 

3. Extreme portability. The weight for machine itself and antenna is just 0.6KG 

4. Taking use of super-high frequency and mini-power interference technology. High efficiency. 

5. Slow start up design of circuit. These elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high integration. 

6. The jammer has 10 antennas, each output 0.5-1 watts (output is adjustable) 

7. Adopt aluminium alloy materials and obtain high efficiency in heating and shielding

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